Friday, June 14, 2013

Size 16 and you are beautiful!

It is a pleasure watching celebrities strutting and posing  on the red carpet, and other events, dressed in fabulous fashions size 0, UK size 4.  But it is statistically known that more than 40 percent of women are a size 16 or over.  Yet when it comes to buying clothes it is very difficult to find the size. 

We have to acknowledge that women are getting bigger and taller.  But being a size 16 fashionista is a bit complicated.  Many designers stop at size 12, apart from Vivienne Westwood, Elena Miro and  obviously Marina Rinaldi .    This all explains why shoes and bags are sold like hot potatoes. 

Kate Winslet, Oprah Winfrey, Selma Hajek, Catherine Zeta-Jones are some of the celebrities that do not fit into a size 0.   I remember reading that Roberto Cavalli said that it is difficult to dress Jennifer Lopez, and it was shocking as well to hear that Adele was called fat by Karl Lagerfeld.

Do not despair, as many stores carry size 16 +, including Dorothy Perkins, Monsoon, Marks & Spenser, Benetton, Promod, Debenhams and Next.  Most of these have the most fashionable dresses, trendy and chic, while others aim at an older customer, classic look.  Shopping online is one route to finding great 16-plus fashions.

People and friends tend to complement me on my fashion, and they justify it because I am a size 4, and everything suits me.  

“I go shopping for clothes at Zara, Sisley and nothing fits me, and go home demoralized, sad and empty handed.  Why do I have to go to Evans the fat shop to find my size, and my fashion if at all”. 

Naturally it would help if there were other fashion designers and fashion stores who does not cater solely for these perfect sizes.  It would be cool to see designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Chanel articulating fashionable clothes for these women.  In my opinion the reason is that we are so used to see celebrities with sleek bodies, that it has altogether changed the perception of larger sizes.   Most big women are losing confidence with their body image and confidence. 

Design Directors at Marina Rinaldi and Elena Miro, reveals that there has been a considerable shift; having younger girls who are large for many reasons, looking for fashion in their shops.  Whereas a few years ago they catered for a customer who wanted classic outfits.  Everyone is looking to be more fashionable, trendy and hip, regardless their + size, because we are growing up with designer tastes, and fashion addictive.

Why there are few plus sizes?  It comes to mind that the more sizes available the more one sells.  It could be that these fashionable outlets and mostly designers do not style adequate fashion for these plus sizes women.  Therefore these women have to turn their backs on this outlets, because most styles are impossible for these plus sizes.  This Fashion cannot be scaled up, and it obviously is not looking their way at all.

What makes matters worse is that the media is not on their side at all.  It is obvious even from statistical point of view that women are bigger regretfully from sedentary lifestyles and changes in diet, but fashion magazines photo shop, airbrush and fix their models accordingly sending out a distorted image.  The thing is that most of the times celebrities are labelled as aneroxic and unhealthy, and of bad example to women and girls, but as soon as they start putting on a small amount of weight they are called obese, and out of shape.  Can this be explained?

What is the perception of beauty, and what is the perception of health.  It is very important that people with professional standing and influence talk about it.  I am not citing that size 16 models walk the runway, but they should not feel outcasts.  It is altogether sickening to watch emaciated models doing the runway.  Apart from looking very horrific and sick, at the same time it is morally wrong and it is sending out the wrong message to bigger girls and women, that can fuel bulimia and aneroxia.

In the US the fashion industry has started dressing these plus size women, and elsewhere fashion is catching up in terms of sizes.  It may be due that those who are doing so has experienced rise in profits as up by 30% or more.  But it is still amazing that most fashion companies refuse to cater for such women.  They argue that you cannot fit them in pencil skirts, do baubles, shinny buttons, stretch materials, fitted jeans, body hugging clothing and full skirts.  They simple would look huge and grotesque.  Only maxi dresses and oversize t shirts suit these persons.

There are enough fashionable clothes to dress everyone.  You just have to look longer, and  have an eye to mix and match pieces, take into account their body shape and I guarantee that they can easily pull off an outfit.  Size matters of course but do not get hung up on your size.  

Just go out there and start shopping.  Remember media attitudes are starting to change.



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