Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fashion Formula

1.Begin with a Feminine Frock
Whether it is short, long, long sleeved, short sleeved, fitted or loose, do not lose out on this very important item in your wardrobe.  One cannot get enough of dressing chic, casual, sports, or very feminine and sexy, depending on the pretty prints, colours and styles.  

2. Step in a Pair of Flats

Flat shoes come in handy, as they are more practical and comfortable .  Alternating or swapping with high heeled shoes, these footwear are the simplest way to be cool and trendy.

3. Add a Collar
Collars like scarves are playful to add and to accentuate the style of a very plain dress, blouse or even a simple tee shirt.  Collars come even in furry material, as well as in beady pearls, or in other stones. 

4. Bag a Schoolboy Satchel
Before the Camel brand back packs came along, students used the satchel bag.  Mulberry has made a great comeback with their Alexa satchel.  Who knows maybe your mother stowed away as a keep sake,  your old school bag somewhere in some box in the garage.  If it happens to be found, get it out and give it a good polish, and wear it in the crook of your arm.  Satchels are vintage preferences for most women and men.  Swap it now and again with an oversized tote, or hold all bags, for that ladylike look. 

Alexa Chung Mulberry Bag

5. Wear a hat
Wear a hat with style at anytime of the year and at any hour of the day.  They shield the face and the eyes from winds, and the sunshine.  One can easily pick a couple of head wear from the open market of your village or town. 

6. Think in a T-shirt

Go out and buy a couple of fancy tee shirts with rock star faces, or festooned with funny or political slogans.  Mix and match them with jeans, or skirts of all styles, full, or straight. 

Silvian Heach Top Herward & Mango Floral Blouse 

7. Make it Manly

Borrow your brother, father, or your boyfriends chunky knit sweater, and match it with a leather pair of trousers or skirts.

8. Dress Shorty
Shorts are a must, so much so that there has hardly been a collection without at least one or two pair of shorts.  Models strutted in both high and low waisted shorts in various materials including in denim. Depending on the style one chooses or picks out,  it gives that tomboyish look or chic look in fact in most runaways they were featured in evening wear attire.  Paired with a blazer it also goes for an office outfit.   

9. Tuck in your blouse
Shirts have made a major come back, or I would say they were never out of fashion.  In fact in most wardrobes they have become basics or one of the must have piece of clothing.  They come in prints and in all shades of colours and materials.  They are mostly worn tucked in skirts, trousers, jeans or even shorts. 

10. Cover with a coat

There is nothing more other than a coat to complete any outfit you happen to wear.  Coats are classics and timeless outerwear, whether trenches, tuxedos, blazers and yes also parkas.

Hope you found our tips useful. Till next time, 



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