Monday, June 3, 2013

Get The Great Gatsby Look

Everyone is after the iconic 20’s movie The Great Gatsby Look, an adaptation by Baz Luhrhmann.  The movie has hit the screens and it has swept the fashion industry by storm.  One can either take stock of what is in one’s wardrobe or else go shopping for items, not Prada surely but from fashion stores spending far less.   

Ladies Fashion:

The Clothes:  In the movie only one Prada dress was used out of a number of 50 others that were picked up from Prada past creations.   The rest were remodelled, and redone.  The cha cha dresses are the buzz, lots of frills and bold bright colours.  Clutch bags and the cloche hats have made a come back.  In fact most labels are imitating the look.  For example Top Shop has come up with a variety of the frill dress.  Fogal  has the stockings that match those worn in the movie. 

Big Jewellery plays a good part in the movie and obviously you do not have to break the bank  to have these items.  Huge stones and chandelier earrings, and of course diamonds are worn imposingly by the women protagonists.  Either you scour your jewellery boxes or else go out and buy from the oriental fake jewellery shops. 

Another huge fashion statement in the movie are the head scarves.  These retro print scarves can be found even in the local open market.  Or else for some who loves sewing  can easily cut and remodel a meter of cloth to make these famous head scarves.

Make up is bold.  The emphasis is on the lips bright red and the eyes, are heavily penciled.  The hairstyles are slick, bobbed and very elegant.        

E-bay and Amazon are ideal to find, bid or purchase these items, to have this sophisticated looks. 

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