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Every season brings with it new trends that change according to the economic situation of the moment.  Fashion and Economy move in tandem.  If the economy is sick, clothes are minimal if the economy is healthy, clothes are lavish.  Austerity is the buzzword of the day.  Its affects are being felt by nearly every one, therefore we are very careful how to spend our money.  Surely clothes are not priority, they are way down on our shopping list.  Our economic common sense tells us to be extra careful, as we are living in no ordinary but in very difficult times.   

Tip: Put your money in something that is worth buying and can be worn many times in any occasion by adding that something extra; a scarf, a piece of jewelry  a hat, pumps, sports shoes, a clutch, a tote, or a satchel.  Rise to the occasion and make it Classy, Sexy, Elegant, Casual, but timeless .

Here is a list of what to keep and reuse this season, so if you own any of these items or anything similar, lucky you, you can just save your money;  priorities have changed for us.

  • geometric print dress,trousers, shirts and scarves
  • midi skirts/midi dresses
  • anything striped 
  • polka dot - shirts/skirts/corsets/trousers/dresses  
  • lacey/crochet dresses/shirts
  • fringed handbags/shoes
  • cowboy boots
  • boho shirts/dresses/trousers
  • sailor/army trousers/shirts/jackets
  • chunky bracelets
  • anything that is bright yellow, yellow, neon pink and green
  • loose shirts/blouses

Morgan bow tie blouse

Zara polka dot corset

Accessorize & Miss Selfridge Boho/Fringe bags

Neon Pink flats -ALDO 

and last but not least 

just anything that is jeans (forget dress code, dress it up or dress it down)

Hope you found our tips useful !!

80's gold chunky earrings

It seems that gold chunky earrings will make a comeback. Giant gold earrings are in fact part of the theme for A/W 2013/14 collection of Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Etro and Moschino just to name a few. 

My sister was about to throw these earrings away but luckily for me, I decided to keep them. So in case your mum, elder sister etc.. happens to have 80's gold chunky earrings, reclaim them and be back in style! 

Reclaimed: 80's chunky earrings

Recla: Woman's face earrings


Dolce & Gabbana - earrings

Just remember that someone else's rejects may be your cup of tea!!

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