"Fringe Benefits"

This fringe  necklace is very easy to make. You can use more than one fringe ribbon  any combination of colors and sizes will do. The more colors (e.g: beige, brown and green) you use the better the result. Also attaching studs, spikes... will give it a more edgy look. 

What you need

Ribbon - any color, any size you prefer
Fringe ribbon - again any color....
Adhesive for fabrics
Studs, spikes, swarovski crstals etc... (optional)

To wear with

  • Low-cut/sleeveless dress  
  • teamed up with jeans, shirt/tank tops and blazer

Revamping a clutch bag

I rarely throw away anything rather I prefer to revamp it or try to give it style.    Actually there are various ways and means of what one can do, it all depends on your creativity and imagination. (one can use glitter, crochet, upholstery, brooch.....)

I had this Dorothy Perkins Clutch bag which I had bought for a wedding but which unfortunately I rarely use.  

What you need

Clutch Bag 
Fringe ribbon - there are some very cool ones out there 
Adhesive for fabrics

Time required

barely 10 minutes


very cheap - fringe ribbon just under 2 euros


It is very very easy, I just glued the fringe ribbon around the border of the clutch, left it  for just 10 minutes et voila!!

My new revamped Dorothy Perkins clutch bag
So why buy a new one when you can give style and transform your clutch bag !!

Studs & Spikes

These are usually associated with rockstars/punk look, but recently we've seen these everywhere on shoes, handbags, jackets, collar shirts, bras, accessories and almost on every brand Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Jilsander, Zara, Aldo just to name a few (see  J'AdoreFashion blogger for more info to see what I mean by everywhere!!). 

One can also find all types of variations of studs and spikes, it all depends on one's own creativity and imagination. 

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

Jimmy Choo

So I decided to give this a try and to embellish with gold spikes one of my shoes.

Final Result (I tried not to overdo it!!)
Do you like the final result? Tell us what do you think of this trend ? Like it or not?

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