Thursday, May 30, 2013

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You get to know that latest news and styles of your favorite fashion labels and why not, maybe you discover new favorite ones! We are always on the lookout for a good bargain so make sure that you take a look @ our whatABargain page for the latest must haves @ discounted prices. 



Gotta Love A Bargain!

Who doesn't love a bargain especially when it comes to clothes and accessories!

Look out for discounts of up to 70% @ Miss Selfridge

Check out for following items:

1. White midi dress @ just 13 euros (very IN this summer). 

2. Also love the cream embroidered midi dress @ just 32 euros (few sizes left) - its very summery

3. This one is ideal for the beach: Coral Bandeau Midi Dress (available in various colours) from 16 euros (few sizes left) 

4. but unfortunately this item is already out of stock :(.  Love it, its very classy & funky at the same time. (reminds me of Audrey Hepburn)

 Check out their other items, maybe who knows you'll find that item that you've been longing to buy at a bargain price. Happy shopping!!!



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Deal of the Day

Watch out for the deal of the day:

Desigual, a spanish brand, experimenting with styles and characterized by its wide selection of colours. They offer all kinds of clothing and accessories making their website an all-in-one shop.

Check out their website, they are offering discounts of up to 60%.

We picked up some very stylish dresses @ a bargain price from this website.

                                                            Bubble @ 55,30 euros

Caretha @ 65.80euros

Atilio @ 69.30 euros (Definitely not to be missed)

Nonpa @ 96.80 euros

Hope you like our selection and Happy Shopping !!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something we love.....Fashion&Style

You do not necessarily have to be a fashion expert to emulate the style of Kate Moss and  Alexa Chung among others and to know that pretty much Moss and Chung are IT when it comes to personal style. Both models who have been around the industry for years, Kate and Alexa have graced fashion magazine covers and fashion runways.  But it is their off duty fashion acumen that gets people excited, and trying to emulate their effortless style.

GOOD NEWS:  One can simply copy Kate’s and Alexa’s style with ease and better yet with easily accessible pieces.  From your favourite tucked away blazer to your black high heeled pumps, and satchels , it is all about styling classic pieces together in unique ways.

In this blog we try each week to round up four classic pictures of your favourite star to copy and provide the pieces with which to do it.  We will definitely keep you style alert!! 

Coming soon: Fashion Gallery, browse and start shopping NOW!!!!