Friday, June 28, 2013

SALES Frenzy vs the ANTICIPATION for the next seasonal trends

As you are all aware at this time of the year sales start and lets admit it, who doesn't love a good bargain like anything made of real leather (actually I'm obsessed - apart from that leather will be a HIT again in the A/W13 collections), or any other designer goods  at real discounted prices!!!

I am constantly finding myself browsing websites (a never ending list) to check whether my long awaited wish list can at last be fulfilled. But most of all what's important for me what to buy during these sales is to anticipate what will be in fashion for the next season. 

"Fashion is a little like time travel, always borrowing from the past but living in the future. Forecasting trends ahead helps inform our choices of what to buy now. What will be seasonal, what will last, what will be capturing our attention and inspiring our tastes 6 months or a year from now?" Tania Brauk√§mper

What I found myself already buying during these sales

  • real leather jacket (Promod - worth buying @ just 69 euros)

  • gladiator leather sandals ( @ around 20 euros)

  • metallic leather flat shoes ( under 20 euros)

And still on my wish list:


Bordeaux Leather Stacked Heel Boots BY MICHAEL KORS 
What to look for/invest during the sales

  • Pencil skirts or how calls the trend as the "pencil case"
  • Animal/snakeskin prints (see Roberto Cavalli collection - actually his trademark)
  • Leather jackets/Leather biker jackets (to wear over evening dresses)
  • Tailored suits
  • White shirts
  • Tailored shorts
  • Floral dresses
  • Leather belts
  • Designer bag (depends on your budget, Micheal Kors, Emilio Pucci, DVF ones are not that extravagantly expensive - under 300 euros)
Open Markets and bazaars are also worth a visit as one can find fashionable items and one-offs at very cheap prices.

As always Happy Sale Shopping and hope you have find that item that you have long awaited or wished for!!



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Best MakeUp Looks

Get into the summer of things for 2013 with makeup ideas seen on the hottest catwalk From hot pink lips and eyes to full-length false lashes, the  Spring Summer 2013 is all about big, bold, and very daring beauty. Bring it on yourself.
Orange lipstick is a must this summer (@Moschino)

When it comes to summer beauty looks, bare is always beautiful—more so if one comes from islands like Gozo and Malta when nearly everyone goes to the beach even only to get that summer tan.  With a tan no one needs make up, so Coco Chanel is quoted as saying.  It was only in the 1920s that being bronzed became fashionable. Style icon Coco Chanel came back from holidaying in the south of France with a – TAN. 
MakeUp trends 2013: Blue eyes

But nevertheless so is a bit of colour on the face. Fortunately the spring shows offered us both options this season. Makeup artists swept brilliant shades of blue and green on the eyes at Stella McCartney, Moschino and Versus, slicked vivid crimson hues on lips at Jason Wu and Burberry, then emphasized neutral lips and glowing skin at shows like Dolce & Gabbana. There were moments of major lashes and brows but all of that was balanced by softly smudged-in eyeliner. To emphasize this mix of strong versus subtle, play up the features you want to draw attention to with colour—or a touch of sparkle as shown in  Chanel and  Gucci , while keeping the rest of your look simple and glowing. 

Makeup trends Spring 2013

At Versace and Zac Posen, models had their brows bold and beautiful, emphasizing that youthful look, while their lip were muted remaining neutral.  At Valentino it was all about glowing skin, emphasizing the cheekbones.  At Roberto Cavalli, Chanel and Armani the eyeliner was in full effect, and inky. At Gucci, Moschino and Gualtier models had full, heavy and lush lashes.

Chanel Make up Spring 2013
Go out and have fun, this summer made up or toned down according to your spirits and moods.  But do not miss to work on your TAN, but ensure to make it safe.



Friday, June 14, 2013

Size 16 and you are beautiful!

It is a pleasure watching celebrities strutting and posing  on the red carpet, and other events, dressed in fabulous fashions size 0, UK size 4.  But it is statistically known that more than 40 percent of women are a size 16 or over.  Yet when it comes to buying clothes it is very difficult to find the size. 

We have to acknowledge that women are getting bigger and taller.  But being a size 16 fashionista is a bit complicated.  Many designers stop at size 12, apart from Vivienne Westwood, Elena Miro and  obviously Marina Rinaldi .    This all explains why shoes and bags are sold like hot potatoes. 

Kate Winslet, Oprah Winfrey, Selma Hajek, Catherine Zeta-Jones are some of the celebrities that do not fit into a size 0.   I remember reading that Roberto Cavalli said that it is difficult to dress Jennifer Lopez, and it was shocking as well to hear that Adele was called fat by Karl Lagerfeld.

Do not despair, as many stores carry size 16 +, including Dorothy Perkins, Monsoon, Marks & Spenser, Benetton, Promod, Debenhams and Next.  Most of these have the most fashionable dresses, trendy and chic, while others aim at an older customer, classic look.  Shopping online is one route to finding great 16-plus fashions.

People and friends tend to complement me on my fashion, and they justify it because I am a size 4, and everything suits me.  

“I go shopping for clothes at Zara, Sisley and nothing fits me, and go home demoralized, sad and empty handed.  Why do I have to go to Evans the fat shop to find my size, and my fashion if at all”. 

Naturally it would help if there were other fashion designers and fashion stores who does not cater solely for these perfect sizes.  It would be cool to see designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Chanel articulating fashionable clothes for these women.  In my opinion the reason is that we are so used to see celebrities with sleek bodies, that it has altogether changed the perception of larger sizes.   Most big women are losing confidence with their body image and confidence. 

Design Directors at Marina Rinaldi and Elena Miro, reveals that there has been a considerable shift; having younger girls who are large for many reasons, looking for fashion in their shops.  Whereas a few years ago they catered for a customer who wanted classic outfits.  Everyone is looking to be more fashionable, trendy and hip, regardless their + size, because we are growing up with designer tastes, and fashion addictive.

Why there are few plus sizes?  It comes to mind that the more sizes available the more one sells.  It could be that these fashionable outlets and mostly designers do not style adequate fashion for these plus sizes women.  Therefore these women have to turn their backs on this outlets, because most styles are impossible for these plus sizes.  This Fashion cannot be scaled up, and it obviously is not looking their way at all.

What makes matters worse is that the media is not on their side at all.  It is obvious even from statistical point of view that women are bigger regretfully from sedentary lifestyles and changes in diet, but fashion magazines photo shop, airbrush and fix their models accordingly sending out a distorted image.  The thing is that most of the times celebrities are labelled as aneroxic and unhealthy, and of bad example to women and girls, but as soon as they start putting on a small amount of weight they are called obese, and out of shape.  Can this be explained?

What is the perception of beauty, and what is the perception of health.  It is very important that people with professional standing and influence talk about it.  I am not citing that size 16 models walk the runway, but they should not feel outcasts.  It is altogether sickening to watch emaciated models doing the runway.  Apart from looking very horrific and sick, at the same time it is morally wrong and it is sending out the wrong message to bigger girls and women, that can fuel bulimia and aneroxia.

In the US the fashion industry has started dressing these plus size women, and elsewhere fashion is catching up in terms of sizes.  It may be due that those who are doing so has experienced rise in profits as up by 30% or more.  But it is still amazing that most fashion companies refuse to cater for such women.  They argue that you cannot fit them in pencil skirts, do baubles, shinny buttons, stretch materials, fitted jeans, body hugging clothing and full skirts.  They simple would look huge and grotesque.  Only maxi dresses and oversize t shirts suit these persons.

There are enough fashionable clothes to dress everyone.  You just have to look longer, and  have an eye to mix and match pieces, take into account their body shape and I guarantee that they can easily pull off an outfit.  Size matters of course but do not get hung up on your size.  

Just go out there and start shopping.  Remember media attitudes are starting to change.



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fashion Formula

1.Begin with a Feminine Frock
Whether it is short, long, long sleeved, short sleeved, fitted or loose, do not lose out on this very important item in your wardrobe.  One cannot get enough of dressing chic, casual, sports, or very feminine and sexy, depending on the pretty prints, colours and styles.  

2. Step in a Pair of Flats

Flat shoes come in handy, as they are more practical and comfortable .  Alternating or swapping with high heeled shoes, these footwear are the simplest way to be cool and trendy.

3. Add a Collar
Collars like scarves are playful to add and to accentuate the style of a very plain dress, blouse or even a simple tee shirt.  Collars come even in furry material, as well as in beady pearls, or in other stones. 

4. Bag a Schoolboy Satchel
Before the Camel brand back packs came along, students used the satchel bag.  Mulberry has made a great comeback with their Alexa satchel.  Who knows maybe your mother stowed away as a keep sake,  your old school bag somewhere in some box in the garage.  If it happens to be found, get it out and give it a good polish, and wear it in the crook of your arm.  Satchels are vintage preferences for most women and men.  Swap it now and again with an oversized tote, or hold all bags, for that ladylike look. 

Alexa Chung Mulberry Bag

5. Wear a hat
Wear a hat with style at anytime of the year and at any hour of the day.  They shield the face and the eyes from winds, and the sunshine.  One can easily pick a couple of head wear from the open market of your village or town. 

6. Think in a T-shirt

Go out and buy a couple of fancy tee shirts with rock star faces, or festooned with funny or political slogans.  Mix and match them with jeans, or skirts of all styles, full, or straight. 

Silvian Heach Top Herward & Mango Floral Blouse 

7. Make it Manly

Borrow your brother, father, or your boyfriends chunky knit sweater, and match it with a leather pair of trousers or skirts.

8. Dress Shorty
Shorts are a must, so much so that there has hardly been a collection without at least one or two pair of shorts.  Models strutted in both high and low waisted shorts in various materials including in denim. Depending on the style one chooses or picks out,  it gives that tomboyish look or chic look in fact in most runaways they were featured in evening wear attire.  Paired with a blazer it also goes for an office outfit.   

9. Tuck in your blouse
Shirts have made a major come back, or I would say they were never out of fashion.  In fact in most wardrobes they have become basics or one of the must have piece of clothing.  They come in prints and in all shades of colours and materials.  They are mostly worn tucked in skirts, trousers, jeans or even shorts. 

10. Cover with a coat

There is nothing more other than a coat to complete any outfit you happen to wear.  Coats are classics and timeless outerwear, whether trenches, tuxedos, blazers and yes also parkas.

Hope you found our tips useful. Till next time, 



Monday, June 10, 2013

Eccentric Fashionista: Anna Dello Russo

Who out there have not yet heard or read about the eccentricity of the hats and the fabulous and colourful clothes worn by  Anna Dello Russo, fashion director of Vogue Nippon.   Eccentric is the way fashion editors of the future will remember Anna Dello Russo, in the fashion history books. 

She is a vision to behold on any occasion, especially during the fashion week, on the red carpets, and various fashion events.   The 51-year-old has made a career for herself simply by getting dressed to impress.  The former Italian Vogue’s fashion editor is a stylist but her real commitment in life is to be the greatest walking clothes horse the fashion industry has ever known. But Anna is more than that.

Dello Russo is so in love with what she does that during fashion weeks she is rumoured to change up to four or five times a day.  She is famous for wearing a swan hat created by Phillip Treacy.  

Although she has been in this industry for more than twenty years, she is relatively famous during the past 10 years or so.  She liked black tailored jackets.  She catapulted to fame with the rise of street style photographers, who scramble to take photos of her.  Also she became the subject most talked about wtih the fashion bloggers.  “I still shoot Anna,” said Schuman during a conversation with US blog Fashionista last week, “only because I think she’s still so charming. She’s so touched when people shoot her and show appreciation for her. I think she still has a lot of sincerity.”

Ms Dello Russo has become a star and a brand.  It is reported that her website gets 20,000 hits a day, and thousands more fans follow her on Twitter. She launched a fashion line in collaboration with H&M.

Anna was born in Bari in 1962.  She developed a taste for designer clothes at the very early age of 13.  In fact she used to ask her father to buy her  Fendi handbags, and matching umbrellas on her birthdays.  She is a typical fashionista and you cannot expect otherwise.  In actual fact the celebrated photographer Helmut Newton dubbed her a fashion maniac.

Despite her dyslexic state, Anna received good education, in Italian Literature and History of Art, before turning to a career in fashion, under the tutelage of Gianfranco Ferre in Milan.  From there she proceeded to work for Vogue.  She was very hard working and  had a reputation that she always wanted the very best.

Anna went on to get married in 1996, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress, and divorced six months later in a Balenciaga.  Rumours have it that her 60 feet bridal lace train hang in her living room as curtains.  She lives alone with her dog, and her clothes that are archived and catalogue in the house next door.

Clothes are a religion to Anna, who is said to have more than 4000 pairs of shoes.  Lots of the clothes are gifts from designers, who are pleased that she sports their gowns and outfits, but she is a insatiable consumer herself.  So much so that most of her earning is spent on fashion items.

She says that she does not care how she looks, her priority is the dress.  She is a fan of Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. She also scouts and encourages young talent. Dello Russo sticks to an exercise regime.  In fact she practices yoga for three hours daily, and lives on a diet of blueberry juice and almonds.  Her breakfast is soup, salmon and eggs.

Anna Dello Russo is passionate for fashion and clothes.  She lives for fashion, and consumes clothes.  This dedication sets her apart from others. 

To get to know more about her and her eccentric style visit



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our New Concept - Vintage Bazaar

At times like these, everyone is concerned over the economy in general and trying to spend less and save more. 

By means of our new innovative concept we can offer you cash for any unused or used clothes or accessories by revamping and reselling it. So if you own any clothing items or accessories (preferably branded) that you'll not be wearing and you would like to part with just let us know.

And make sure you check out our Vintage Bazaar Page for our day-to-day vintage deals. 



10 Basic Essentials for this Summer

This summer stock your wardrobe with 10 basic essentials that you will keep wearing over and over again in lots of different ways. Ditch your winter clothes and  pick these essentials for summer:

1.       A straight narrow Jeans is a must in every woman’s wardrobe.  Even in hot summer weather, on one occasion or another jeans are very tempting to wear. 

2.       Long sleeved or half sleeved the Tee Shirt comes in handy to wear either on its own or else under the linen jacket or the jeans jacket.  These basics are in every color and very cheap to buy. 

3.       Jeans Jacket to wear on a chilly night, over a spaghetti strapped long dress.

4.       Linen pants works in practically any and every way, with a cotton top,  on heels or flats

5.       Shirt dress LBD that every woman need, in fabric like cotton, silk or linen.  One can wear it under a jeans jacket with high heels or flats, depending on the mood or occasion.  For a light occasion, wear it with bold accessories, like chunky bangles.  Pearl necklace for a sophisticated and elegant look, with Jacqueline Kennedy oversize black shades.

6.       High heeled shoes, whether they are stilettos or platforms, adds that sexy look to a woman and can transform a dress or the outfit altogether.

7.       The Shirt is a classic must.  Very versatile and can be worn practically with every thing;  with jeans, pants and can also be worn over a dress. 

8.       Handbag, do it large for day use and if it comes with a long strap wear it cross over for the evening. 

9.       Flats that could be a tennis shoes or strappy sandals or a ballerina, are ideal for a casual look.  Flats goes well worn with jeans, a dress and skirt or shorts. 

10.   Pencil skirt is very versatile and very sexy, when paired with a white shirt, either with high heels, or flats. 

Never forget accessorize, like necklaces, bangles, rings and earrings.  They spice up a plain outfit.  Spruce your wardrobe or a nice scarf, to use either as a bandana, or knotted around your neck.  Go out there in the shops in search for these essential wardrobe basics.  Zara, Benetton, River Island, Promod, are just a few affordable shops.



Monday, June 3, 2013

Get The Great Gatsby Look

Everyone is after the iconic 20’s movie The Great Gatsby Look, an adaptation by Baz Luhrhmann.  The movie has hit the screens and it has swept the fashion industry by storm.  One can either take stock of what is in one’s wardrobe or else go shopping for items, not Prada surely but from fashion stores spending far less.   

Ladies Fashion:

The Clothes:  In the movie only one Prada dress was used out of a number of 50 others that were picked up from Prada past creations.   The rest were remodelled, and redone.  The cha cha dresses are the buzz, lots of frills and bold bright colours.  Clutch bags and the cloche hats have made a come back.  In fact most labels are imitating the look.  For example Top Shop has come up with a variety of the frill dress.  Fogal  has the stockings that match those worn in the movie. 

Big Jewellery plays a good part in the movie and obviously you do not have to break the bank  to have these items.  Huge stones and chandelier earrings, and of course diamonds are worn imposingly by the women protagonists.  Either you scour your jewellery boxes or else go out and buy from the oriental fake jewellery shops. 

Another huge fashion statement in the movie are the head scarves.  These retro print scarves can be found even in the local open market.  Or else for some who loves sewing  can easily cut and remodel a meter of cloth to make these famous head scarves.

Make up is bold.  The emphasis is on the lips bright red and the eyes, are heavily penciled.  The hairstyles are slick, bobbed and very elegant.        

E-bay and Amazon are ideal to find, bid or purchase these items, to have this sophisticated looks. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Often high street shops such as Zara, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, H&M...etc get their inspiration for their collections from top fashion designers such as Marni, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni…etc.

Thus even though one cannot afford to buy designer brands, still one can adopt their look or style by picking or selecting similar items from these high street shops and this is what we have actually been doing! We selected some of the key pieces (similar in cut or prints) from Spring/Summer 2013 collections of top designers and found some very interesting matches.

Topshop vs Dolce & Gabbana
Topshop - Missoni - Miss Selfridge

Topshop vs Bottega Veneta
Topshop vs Peter Pilotto

Zara vs Dolce & Gabbana
Topshop vs Ralph Lauren
 Topshop vs Dior
 Zara vs Marni 
 Zara vs Ribiero 

Follow our blog as more to come soon....