Monday, June 10, 2013

Eccentric Fashionista: Anna Dello Russo

Who out there have not yet heard or read about the eccentricity of the hats and the fabulous and colourful clothes worn by  Anna Dello Russo, fashion director of Vogue Nippon.   Eccentric is the way fashion editors of the future will remember Anna Dello Russo, in the fashion history books. 

She is a vision to behold on any occasion, especially during the fashion week, on the red carpets, and various fashion events.   The 51-year-old has made a career for herself simply by getting dressed to impress.  The former Italian Vogue’s fashion editor is a stylist but her real commitment in life is to be the greatest walking clothes horse the fashion industry has ever known. But Anna is more than that.

Dello Russo is so in love with what she does that during fashion weeks she is rumoured to change up to four or five times a day.  She is famous for wearing a swan hat created by Phillip Treacy.  

Although she has been in this industry for more than twenty years, she is relatively famous during the past 10 years or so.  She liked black tailored jackets.  She catapulted to fame with the rise of street style photographers, who scramble to take photos of her.  Also she became the subject most talked about wtih the fashion bloggers.  “I still shoot Anna,” said Schuman during a conversation with US blog Fashionista last week, “only because I think she’s still so charming. She’s so touched when people shoot her and show appreciation for her. I think she still has a lot of sincerity.”

Ms Dello Russo has become a star and a brand.  It is reported that her website gets 20,000 hits a day, and thousands more fans follow her on Twitter. She launched a fashion line in collaboration with H&M.

Anna was born in Bari in 1962.  She developed a taste for designer clothes at the very early age of 13.  In fact she used to ask her father to buy her  Fendi handbags, and matching umbrellas on her birthdays.  She is a typical fashionista and you cannot expect otherwise.  In actual fact the celebrated photographer Helmut Newton dubbed her a fashion maniac.

Despite her dyslexic state, Anna received good education, in Italian Literature and History of Art, before turning to a career in fashion, under the tutelage of Gianfranco Ferre in Milan.  From there she proceeded to work for Vogue.  She was very hard working and  had a reputation that she always wanted the very best.

Anna went on to get married in 1996, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress, and divorced six months later in a Balenciaga.  Rumours have it that her 60 feet bridal lace train hang in her living room as curtains.  She lives alone with her dog, and her clothes that are archived and catalogue in the house next door.

Clothes are a religion to Anna, who is said to have more than 4000 pairs of shoes.  Lots of the clothes are gifts from designers, who are pleased that she sports their gowns and outfits, but she is a insatiable consumer herself.  So much so that most of her earning is spent on fashion items.

She says that she does not care how she looks, her priority is the dress.  She is a fan of Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. She also scouts and encourages young talent. Dello Russo sticks to an exercise regime.  In fact she practices yoga for three hours daily, and lives on a diet of blueberry juice and almonds.  Her breakfast is soup, salmon and eggs.

Anna Dello Russo is passionate for fashion and clothes.  She lives for fashion, and consumes clothes.  This dedication sets her apart from others. 

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