Monday, July 15, 2013

Real or Fake?

Some of you have been asking me lately from where to buy designer handbags without having to break the bank. Although, it may seem as the ideal time to try to find a real discount/bargain/deal during sales, it's even harder though as most of these branded items become sold out within seconds.

First of all, there are some things that one needs to be aware of, especially when buying online as there are some real risks and pitfalls.

1. Price Tags which are too good to be true

"99.9% of the time, if you are purchasing a designer handbag on ebay, its going to be fake."  
(Read more: The Harsh Reality of Buying Designer Handbags on Ebay)

Especially for Ebay Buyers:
  • Study pictures very closely and if in doubt, ask for additional ones. Remember that most often than not sellers copy or use photos from the brands websites.
  • Check the seller's feedback and return policy
  • Also check what other items the seller is selling or has already sold and what was the buyer's feedback in such case.
  • Get suspicious also when the seller has many items of the same kind/style/model to sell
  • Check for recognition of Paypal Verified or Powerseller seal on the auctions


2. Scam & fraudulent Websites

Most often than not these websites market that they sell designer/branded items at very cheap/low prices. DO NOT be Fooled by such websites.  What I usually do is first of all I Google "scam" together with the name of the website and you will be amazed at the number of search results Google may find.

3. Always Read Reviews

If there are any, read both the positive and the negative as they are important. (Sometimes items are even star rated) First of all you get an idea of what you are buying, straight from the horse's mouth. There are even websites & forums that review and rate purses and handbags such as

4. Affiliate Websites

Always check first by email/phone with the brand/designer website whether they have any affiliate accounts/programs/links with the seller/website from where you are buying so as to verify whether or not he is authorized to sell these products.

Check also the following website for some good tips on how to spot a fake designer handbag 

Well, even Karl Lagerfield has once admitted that it's difficult to tell the difference between real and fake Chanel. No wonder, we come to a dilemma whether we purchase the object or not or whether we are making a good buy!

The following is the list of some of the most popular websites which sell designer goods:

Let us know if you have found our tips helpful. Also, please share if you know of any other websites that could be helpful to others who are looking for bargain purchases.



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