Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's all about Accessories!

Who wouldn't love to own a Hermes Birkin bag, a LV bag or a Mulberry bag? Unfortunately though they are too expensive for anyone to buy unless you are not a Kardashian (I think they own a Hermes in every color)  or maybe a Beckham. On the other hand, I am not the type of person who buys fake/counterfeits LV just for the sake of having one. I hate fakes, I prefer to buy similar/inspired garments from high street fashion stores rather then buying counterfeit ones.

And does this makes me less fashionable or maybe less glamorous? no way!! 

I admit it, I can't resist the temptation to give a second glance when I see someone carrying an LV bag or wearing any type of designer garment. Yes, I think like anyone else who has fashion at heart I am fascinated by anything that is branded. But I also think, anyone can look glamorous, sophisticated or chic. It all depends on how we portray our style by means of our clothes, sometimes it even boils down on how we accessorize our look. 

Accessories add "spice" to our look.

Handbags - The handbag is a MUST for me.  I cannot imagine myself going out without one. Sometimes  even the way one wears/carries IT adds style to our look. 

Beyoncé Knowles, Angelina Jolie, Cynthia Nixon aka Miranda Hobbes and Leann Rimes carrying Alexander McQueen "Elvie" Tote Handbag
Alexander McQueen Elvie Python Tote

Belts - It's amazing how a simple belt can totally modify and transform your outfit and you can wear it nearly with anything (sweaters, dress, denim, blazer, cardigans, etc...).

Celebrities wearing belts

Scarves - I love scarves and I have so many of them. Whether worn around the neck, waist or head simply jazz up your look.

Jessica Alba 

Jewelry - According to Harper Bazaar "nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe like jewelry"! 

"Big or small, real or fake, understated or over-the-top, jewelry lifts the spirits. It also lifts a look. Colorful beads or chandelier earrings could be just the thing to make an ordinary outfit outstanding". 

Jewelry - over a collared shirt

On a final note, one does not need to spend a lot of money on clothes, bags etc.. to look trendy and stylish but one can keep up with the current trends by just using accessories to achieve various looks and to adapt to different occasions.

(And I am sure that many of you out there agree with me on this one!!)



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