Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finding the Right Perfume

There are two things that I am not willing to spend money on, which are underwear and perfumes. As much as I love perfumes, surprisingly I am very thrifty when coming to buy a bottle. I prefer to get perfume as a gift rather than buying it myself, as it would mean money saved. Buying expensive perfumes does not necessarily ensure one will prefer the scent over that of lower priced fragrances. However some costly perfumes offer exotic ingredients. I am sure that the quality of some expensive perfumes may also be better than that of cheap colognes. Do not get me wrong I love perfumes and I always leave home dosed in scent. It gives me a heady sense of freshness and cleanliness. I love those types of perfumes which smell like freshly washed laundry, with a classy distinctive scent, and last but not least long-lasting. So I always end weighing carefully the decision of whether to spend a lot of money on expensive perfumes

For certain individuals it is worth spending more money for expensive perfumes, if the user is sensitive to certain ingredients. Some of the high-cost fragrances are made with natural or organic oils, making them less likely to cause irritation. Synthetic ingredients found in some cheap fragrances may cause skin rashes or other reactions. For someone who has sensitivity issues, buying expensive perfume may be worth the cost. Luckily I do not have such problems.

It is always wise to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing expensive perfumes. Some experts confirm that wearing expensive fragrances is a waste of money, as the concentrated formula simply does not create the desired effect. Many of the high-priced perfumes are created by mixing fragrant oils together. The fusion of several scents may be overbearing to some. Others believe, however, this helps define the essence of human pheromones. (Pheromones are any chemical signal used to communicate between the members of a species). 

These factors may not be relevant to everyone who prefers expensive perfume. Some people buy expensive perfumes simply for the decorative bottles they come in, or because they are the latest on the market. Buying expensive designer fragrances, or designer clothing and accessories, may be a hobby for some. Some people enjoy collecting expensive perfumes, just as others collect porcelain. For collectors of exotic fragrances, it is worth the price, although once opened or exposed to sunlight the scent fades away.

Coming to my side of the story, my bottle of perfume was at the bottom, (by the way I always buy one at a time I rarely have two bottles of perfumes). Married and very busy with two children, and a budget of 40 euros it was not that I was spoiled for choice. But at the end I did get a Nina Ricci eau de toilette 50 ml bottle. I tell you it is value for money. The scent is flowery but not too heavy and lasts for hours. 

Websites that offer tips on how to select the right fragrance/perfume for you:

Would love to hear also your comments/suggestions about you favorite perfumes and what you mostly love about them.



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