Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Citizens of Style

The nineties style seem to be still with us, and it is very evident and present on the high street.  Top shop, H & M and Zara, to name just a few,  have hanged on to it this season.  Like many of the collections I  have seen so far this season, the emphasis is more on texture  and lots of it. Scarlet skirts and skorts are glossy and worn with fine-knit sweaters, amazingly although opposites the mix and match worked well.  Skirts come sequined, stoles are heavily fringed, and patterns and prints are mostly ethnic, byzantine, and baroque, satisfies our tastes for the shine, the softness and the sparkle.

4,7 - H&M

The colours are rich and decadent in bright reds, such as paprika, emerald greens, rich gold yellows, and orange, and the rich earth colours.  Black is also the colour that has not lost its hold.  The season’s influence is also in the oversized silhouettes, like oversized masculine cut coats.  Models walked in pointed block heeled shoes.  Patent leather is used in skirts, and most of the tops are cropped midriff revealing.   Topshop, H & M and Zara are sure to be fashion favourites.

1,3,4 - Topshop
2 - Zara

1,5 - Zara
2,3,4- Topshop
Like many of the collections we have seen so far this season it fed our appetite for texture – and lots of it. Glossy scarlet skirts were worn with fine-knit sweaters - proving opposites do attract - while all-over sequinned skirts, shear ling stoles, and harlequin-style patterns in patent leather pleased our penchant for softness, shine and sparkle along the way.

Zara has proved to be one of the cheapest and most popular fashion brands, loved by the young, adults, and by older women for its trend and elegant style, that has become characteristic in every fashion line. The new autumn winter 2013, 2014 collection is rich in prints be they floral, animal and bright colours rich.  The coats are oversized, blazers in bright colours, trench coats, safari jackets, and parkas satisfy the styles and needs of women of various ages.

Zara did not fail to provide the timeless and elegant little black dress, that could save one from every situation.  It is a must have in every wardrobe.  Zara dresses are coloured, with lots of prints and in mini length.  Most of the dress bedecked by floral prints. Zara pants are available in coloured blocks in various colours and print versions.  The shirts are floral printed and come either long sleeved or t-shirted.

Spoilt for choice - Zara LBD dresses

Zara dresses - from Lacey floral prints to Hounds tooth checked dresses

The Swedish brand H & M debuted  in Paris during Paris Fashion Week in the Rodin Museum.  In their first “French” Collection H & M showed cape, leather jackets and pants, high boots, hats and boots in the style of Louis XIV. Also they showed faux fur boas, necklaces with silver crystals and a very good bags on chains a reminiscence of a Celine Classic Box Bag. In short it was a huge success.  What I would buy is a black and white faux fur coat.  In Malta we do not have an H & M Store so I have to wait until my next holiday abroad to get one.

I hope that you would also make your judgements and tell us what you think of these collections and which of these three Top shop, Zara, H & M do you prefer to go shopping to and what piece of clothing struck you most.



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