Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nina Ricci the embodiment of Femininity and Class

Designers love their respective women, and Peter Copping  does no less, so much so that  his aesthetic embodies the very idea of glamour, sensuality and very ladylike just as you'd imagine it.  I was enchanted yesterday as I sat there and watched the models parade his exquisite creations.  I wished that I was strutting the runway in his clothes.  The colours, the sense of demure and dainty; it's so romantic. Peter put his collection to new and innovative effect for  Nina Ricci.  It  bridged the imaginative world with the real world and took me out for a night at Theatre hall in the process, as the two pianists took to the catwalk to play live as the models took to the runway.

For me it was as brilliant collection in such a way that it brought a new dimension to any woman’s wardrobe, where the other clothes became demure, and more of the same.  The highlights were the  bustiers and bunched-bust details on prim and fitted dresses or little knitted cardigans; bra straps were made a feature of rather than hidden on one black cocktail dress; and the top of a skirt suit saw its neck slashed to reveal some shoulder.   
The collection continued with these ladylike prim little sets with knitted panels and inserts to give them movement. They were not only sophisticated but they had an easy flow and ripples of movements, just like theatre dancers, rehearsing for their upcoming ballet show.   

I was surprised and baffled, that common parkas were transformed into opera coats,  in rich red and oyster colours.  making a clothing item so common, but so new and appealing, to a Nina Ricca girl who undoubtedly did not own a parka in her wardrobe, up till this collection. 

There were belted waists too, as there were knitted leotards and coats whose sleeves bagged from the shoulder to the elbow.  The makeup was so bare in the eyes but lips were so rich red.

The show was an innovative and clever move on Copping's vision of femininity.  For me it has class, I wish I was Peter Copping’s sister, as I would definitely own all the entire collections.




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