Monday, October 14, 2013

John Rocha

The Parisian, New Yorkers, Londoners, and the Milanese pavements have felt the elegant footfall of the world’s fashion press on the way to the bi-annual shows, just a couple of weeks ago in September.
This weekend on Fashion TV I came upon the John Rocha Spring Summer 2014 collection.   In his collection John Rocha makes reference to ‘extraordinary forms’ and he really explains it all.  It is literally sculptural, and architectural, I describe it as beautiful, and desperately sexy.
The dresses were striking from top to toe,  voluminous skirts, which bloomed out from the waist, like a bell or a dome, were in turn worked in blooms of couched georgette and yarn blossoms, creating a couture-like impression, more so when topped with wide-brimmed hats formed from coiled acetate that jutted out in front of the models’ faces like high-fashion visors.  I literally glowed over these fabulous hats.  I also noticed that the dresses hemline were under the ankle. 
What I loved most were his evening dresses, in fluid black lace with flowers picked out in gold which gives the aura of mysticism, and also the white outfits which can easily be dressed as day wear. 
This was vintage Rocha sexy and sophisticated, but elegant and feminine always. What would l give to own a couple of the dresses and hats. 

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